Niasha Whitfield

Freshman Seminar

Ann Sofie Clemmensen

October 5, 2015

The Body Blog

After thinking about the four words everybody, somebody, anybody and nobody for the past few days I began to question what those words actually mean. After questioning the meaning’s, I started making personal connections to the words. For example, some people may say “everyone knows that,” regarding to a topic that was talked about. Unknowingly people use that term because it’s a colloquial phrase. Many of the words are used in exaggerations or out of ignorance. When I think of the word everyone, to me it means all inclusive of all different people. It can also be used for a grouping of people like the phrase “everyone come here.” The word is used in many instances and for many reasons. Our society uses these words very loosely even when to some people the words can mean so much. The word nobody for some people is taken to heart. I worked with the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center for four years and people who are sexually assaulted feel like their body is not theirs anymore. The victims feel they have no physical body because it was taken advantage of by a person that was not given consent. When I hear the word nobody I think of no one or no people. If the words were separated, with no meaning not any and body meaning the physical feature of a person, then it would be like saying there is not any physical feature of a person. The word anybody is kind of a contradiction to the word nobody. Anybody is a synonym to everybody which is all inclusive to all bodies of people. Anybody can also be used to mean anyone and if separated it can mean in some degree of a physical human feature. Having the word any mean in some degree and body as the physical feature of a person.

When asked the question whether I have a body or I am a body, I would have to say that I am a body because I am one. I feel that as a person and as a dancer my body is who I am and makes up who I am. The body is the physical feature and structure of a person. The body is what a dancer uses all the time to fulfill all the tasks that are asked of the performer. Anything that has to do with the body my first thought is dance related and if I will be able to complete the tasks without injuring myself. Before I danced I played soccer so it is funny to see how the awareness of my body has enhanced, because when I played soccer I did not want to get hurt but it would happen sometimes. When I began dancing I never wanted to get injured but because I knew it would make me depressed. After getting hurt for the first time my senior of high school I started taking way better care of my body by stretching and eating healthier.


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