Sound, Body, and Music

Every since I was a little kid I have been around music and sound. My Dad has been in the music industry and he would have my sister and I help him with some of his work. We would get to help with the promotion process and get to go to certain concerts. To me these were perks of my Dad’s job but I did not know that it would have an effect on me. My Dad would also tell us about the time when he was a DJ and to me I thought that sounded like the dream job. I would often tell my Dad that I wanted to become a DJ and he would laugh at me. I was fascinated with music and sound when I was younger to the point where my Dad and I would play a game of guessing what songs sounded similar or had a beat. So when we started the class with Elijah in production we talked about copyright and that brought me right back to that memory with my Dad. I remember when we had our first class with Elijah in seminar and I was so excited to work with him. I was excited because learning to do a little fraction of what Elijah does for our dance classes to me is amazing. Being able to drop a beat right on the spot and layer it to be a song or track is fascinating.

Being in class and learning how to layer, change the acoustics, changing the volume, and what you want the listener to hear gives this sense of power. It allows me as the maker and creator of the music or sound have the power to put any beat and manipulate it into what I want. Music is something that I have come to love and understand more throughout the time we have played on Garage Band. Working on my first rack I was a little confused and frustrated because there were a lot of aspects that we learned about in class. Also I was putting a little pressure on myself because I wanted my beats to be something amazing. Going through the four classes with Elijah, I have come to see that everyone is at a different place in the process and they have a different understanding of how to use Garage Band. Some of us are beginners and others have had more experience with the program.

When creating all the tracks that we did in class I was inspired by the beats that I usually hear on the radio. Then I got to thinking about what would be my beat or sound that would describe me. I am still trying to find my sound and I know that I will still continue to search for it through the program and through everyday life. I think that my sound is something that is up beat and popin’ but I also believe that I can have a sound that is light and soft. So I want to go through no only looking at the sounds I like but also discovering the ones I do not like as much. In searching for my sound I have run into some difficult things. Like cutting and pasting thing in the right order or place. Also finding the correct transition to the music making the sound flow smoothly and is appealing to the ear. I find transitions are the things that I struggle with not just in Garage Band but sometimes in dance as well. I feel that when I finally make the connection in one area then it will hopefully connect in the other as well.

Going through that process I now can say that I have a greater knowledge of Garage Band and how to use it. I can use it now for different classes that I take or just for recreational use. I know that for seminar we will also have another opportunity to use the program and show off our skills to the class. I am very excited to show how much I have grown in the class and all the things that I have learned. I am looking forward to the next project we get to do.



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