Moving Space

Moving Space Reflection

            When I first heard about this project I was excited but nervous because of the amount of time we had as a group to complete the task. After being in the group for about ten minutes each person had a specific job to help in making the project come to life. Know what I had to do to make this project run smoothly allowed for me to be less stressed about everything. During this project I was in charge of the music or sound that would be embedded or attached to the site specific work. When trying to create the music I collaborated with Amanda Colangelo because she was in charge of creating choreography. I felt that I needed to see a little bit of the movement before I created the sound. This was a challenge because Amanda wanted to hear the music before she choreographed. So we went about this task by creating our works at the same time and then layering the works to see if they added up or made sense when used in the same context. We found put that we liked the way the movement and music lined up so as a group we all began to improve with the music using the choreography that was given to us by Amanda. Going through the process with this technique made the process more fluid and less stressful. Paige St. John would record each improvisation we did on her iPad and then we all would watch the videos and allude to the parts we liked. After recording for awhile Abby Frank would take the iPad and put it in a different focus or level to the video had different angles. This helped Sara Barile in making the video for the Quick Response code (QR code). When all was said and done we felt that our product was a complete success and showcased everything we learned this semester.


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