The Eye VS. The Camera

It was revealing to watch the Reine d’un jour by Pascal Magnin dance film because the eye and the camera catch different aspects of the video. When watching the video through twice I found myself looking in the places in which the camera forced me to look and at the scenery. For this particular video the scenery added to the effect of elevation or floating. When the dancers were rolling down hills and jumping off the ground, it gave off the effect of them falling off the hills. The different angles also focused on the dancers and the “audience” in the video. The video had a section where there was a folk dance taking place where people would watch the dance, or the camera would focus in on the people on the side. This allowed for the viewer meaning the person who is watching the video to survey the entire “stage” or performance space. When watching this video, it allowed me as a viewer to be open to the space and what was the video was saying. Even though there may not have been a message being expressed the viewer is allowed to make their own conclusions on what the video meant to them. There were multiple scenes in which there were 6 dancers, 4 dancers, and 2 dancers. Not only did the creators of the film work with the space, but they also played with how many people were dancing and when they danced. There were all different angles shown throughout the film which can also be called the focuses. The camera panned from one body to the next throughout and the camera would use shots of whole body movements and just parts of the body moving. I especially loved when the camera was on the feet of the dancers because it was completely different from what the upper body was doing. It was always appealing to see the feet and then the upper body and vise versa. I thought this film showcased the pan of the camera very well. The pan allowed the eye to see the entire body of the dancer and the way the body moved on the screen. The dancers showed a large amount of emotion in the film. The dancers smiled, laughed, were playful, and intimate. This opened the door for the viewer to make connections to the dancers and with the dancers. I often found myself drifting in the film, meant that I felt as if I was apart of the relationships or connections in the film. The film took me on a trip and opened my minds eye to a place I never even knew of. I began to have ideas and thoughts of my own dance film and started to have many ideas. The inspiration has been sparked in my eye but through the camera.


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