I did not know what to do with my dance for camera video at first until I realized that I could use anyone in the department. After finding that out I wanted to use my sister and Q because of their different movement vocabulary. I thought that at first I did not have enough video footage but then I started to cut the videos and I started finding movements that fit. I wanted my video to seem that they were doing similar phrases but in their interpretation. When working with both Asha and Q it was easy to have them improvise and then look at the footage to see what all matched or lined up. I started to see that I could get the project done and that the footage and material was enough. It was not until my footage got deleted and I had to start from scratch that I freaked out. When this happened I had two hours to create my video again and then edit it because it was due the next class. I sat down and stared at the screen for a good ten minutes and then I started to accept what happened and then began working intensely on the project. After creating the whole video again I found different places in which the video could be cleaner and made the transitions better. Sofie also showed me how I could change the viewers view of the video, so I played with that as well. That is how I came up with the video I have now.


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