What Do I Desire?

After watching this short film, I felt inspired and useful. The film assured me that I was in the right field of work because I am doing what I love. There were many times in which I questioned whether or not I was making the right choice because I knew I wouldn’t make a lot of money. If money wasn’t an object like stated in the film then people all over would probably be doing what they love. Rather most people are just trying to get by doing what they can to make payments and past the time. That is the sad fact of the world now a day because money is what everyone needs and what most want.

Security is seen as more important than real satisfaction. This video really helped me to see what my aspirations are in life. The video ha many different angles and perspectives. Even though the film seemed to be about a small boy, the camera would follow multiple people as the story was being told and that is what kept my attention the most I think. I enjoyed seeing different faces and different age groups of people portrayed throughout the video.. The video talks about the view of what is acceptable. Especially what parents believe to be acceptable for their children, and that can change how that child feels about their interests. This may happen because that child wants to please their parents and make them proud.

The video used different feature in which to show the audience what to pay attention to. In one scene the editor used a blur to show that the audience should look at the boy and not what was in the backgroundThe video seems very genuine meaning that the person speaking in the video may have taken the video as well or helped edit it in some way. The camera shots for the video really do help capture the essence of what is being asked of the audience. The camera would often scan the body or focus and refocus as if it were an eye trying to focus.

Watching this documentary I felt that I could really connect to the topic that was being talked about. That I can recall asking myself a similar question and relate that to the film. The video editor did a really nice job of capturing the essence of the person. Meaning how the people or person felt, moved, worked, and many other things. I really just enjoyed the straight on view for this film and felt that it was well fitting.

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