A Reflection

If someone asked me to paraphrase what this year was like, I don’t think I could. So many things happened, so many friendships were made and so many stories that are bound to be told. This year has been one of the most eye opening and fun loving years of my life. I came to college thinking I knew exactly what I was here for, when in fact I had no idea. Yes, I came to dance and do what I love everyday for the next three years at The Ohio State University, but I also came to see that I also love Production. Lighting and Sound side of Production to be specific. To me generating lighting cues is like making a dance within itself because you have to know what the body is doing. Lights can tell their own story separate from the dance but they work together to further a meaning or storyline.

This is something in which I discovered when working as a Stage Manager for the Winter Concert in the Barnett Theater. I stage managed Erica Jewelle’s piece which was crazy and unexpected because I only began my independent study with Carrie Cox second semester. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of that process and grow from there. After working Winter Concert, I was able to work many others which helped me to form connection in and out of the Dance Department.

When I’m not dancing or working I’m usually somewhere with friends having a good time. I can not express how much I love my friends and how much they mean to me. They have been there for me through it all and have been there to support me through all my endeavors. My friends are constantly motivating me to be a better, honest, and loyal person. They push me to do the things that are different from what I am used to, helping me to explore my discomforts, and accepting them. I definitely believe my friends are the people and reason that have helped me to enjoy the many instances and experiences of the year. I will forever be grateful for them because not only do I have a family in Cleveland, but I now have one in Columbus too.


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