An Interview of Daniel Diller

Daniel graduated from Ohio State in 2014 with a BFA in dance and a minor in theatre.


His College Experience:

Diller chose OSU because in high school he had a strong interest in both film production and dance; he wanted to find a university that would allow him to do both. When he visited the dance department here, he was impressed by the strong emphasis that was placed on the dance film curriculum.

During his first year Daniel needed a work study job and Carrie Cox, the production manager, offered him an independent study with her. Daniel felt this was the perfect opportunity because it would keep him close to the department. It did not take long, however, for him to fall in love with the practice. He mentioned that he found it just as fun, if not more, than performing.

Diller’s senior project was the culmination of all the work he had done in the production department during his four years as an undergrad. He stag managed Dance Downtown and did the lighting design for Tine Salling’s piece, “The Steadfast Tinder Soldier.” He received rave reviews for his work here.

Untitled2Diller with the cast of “The Steadfast Tinder Soldier”


Summer Internships:

Summer 2012: Bates Dance Festival

Summer 2013: American Dance Festival

Summer 2014: Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival

Diller claimed that he felt that he got to work production at the pillow as a result of the experience he had gained the previous summer at ADF, and the same for getting the job at ADF after Bates. These internships also helped him make a lot of connections. At ADF he worked wardrobe for Pilobolus when they came through. Additionally, Diller met his current boss while interning at JPDF ‘14, and then reconnected with him at JPDF ‘15 while working as a video apprentice.



Diller is currently the production assistant and stage manager for the Richmond City Ballet.


His responsibilities include:

-Overseeing the 2nd Company Tour (which goes through 7 cities in Virginia)

-Taking care of transportation, hotel reservations, and the schedule once the company arrives at a venue

-Doing advance work with the contact at the venue, going over lighting, sound, floor plans, and house set up

-Setting up and stage managing once at the venue.

When the company is not touring he works as the assistance stage manager or the stage manager. During the Nutcracker, he’ll run the crew on one side of the stage

Diller’s day-to-day duties include:

-Budget tracking

-Lighting paperwork

-Helping to build set pieces

Daniel will return to Jacob’s Pillow this summer as the production manager.


Future Aspirations:

Daniel plans to spend a couple more years working with the Richmond City Ballet. Eventually he would like to work with a touring company as a Stage Manager or a Production Manager. He mentioned that he finds the touring lifestyle very appealing. Diller also shared that he sometimes considers specializing and working more in lighting or sound design because production management can be very office-heavy and he prefers to be in the theatre. Most interestingly, Diller does not feel any particular sense of obligation to the dance world. He explained that there is a plethora of opportunities in theatre and opera as well. When asked where he would be most excited to work, he cited his dream companies as Pilobolus and Diavolo. Diller mentioned that based on previous experience with these companies he knows they are good to work with, stable, and efficient. Lastly, Diller shared that eventually he hopes to move back to the venue side of things. This would entail his being the contact person at a stable theatre that coordinates with production managers who bring touring companies to different cities. He said that this would allow him to work with a new company every week and to see a lot of different art.


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