Movement: In, Out, and Around

When paying attention to movement in class the focus of the eyes is on the lower body then it raises gradually to the upper. As a student I try to grasp the entire structure of the body and its mechanics, such as, pathways, direction, focus, effort, etc. This is how attention is given towards the instructor, when the movement is being demonstrated. When watching other students apply the demonstration to their own body, feedback is gained just by watching the way they move. Knowledge or feedback is gained by watching the phrase move through the body and asking how there can be improvement in the viewer’s body.

When working with others to generate movement I often will ask to improve with them just to get a sense of the way they move. Another way in which I do this is having a conversation with my partner and thinking through logistics. I like to think of movement as a way to express or speak the mind. Well in my mind that what it is because that is how I use it, to release me from my worries. In generating movement, I look for different ways to move the body and how the body can be explored.

In the process of choreographing I try not to think too much because I tend to get stuck. Usually ending up in my head and not getting anywhere in space because I am over analyzing what I would like to do or what I would like to happen. I try to ignore thinking through things and allow my body to tell me what to do. This way I feel most true to myself and the movement feels good on my body.

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