As I continue to grow deeper in my body I have come to see that my strengths are fluidity and presence in the space. In my movement vocabulary which seems to translate to fluid, I feel myself becoming more aware of what the “thing,” or what I am creating is or becomes. I see myself trying to grasp on to the presence in my body by relating that to the attention I give while in the space.

While I believe that I am a fluid mover there is this rebound in my movement quality. I feel as if that can relate to rigidity, making the quality in which I move in seem more interesting. I have also found myself digging deeper into my movement vocabulary because of how visceral it can be perceived. I love moving for me and dancing how I feel because it then relates to the audience and there is a connection that is created. Reflecting on life or the way in which I use my time I also find myself making connections and relating to people. It is also similar in the way in which I interact with friends.

My presence in the space is more apparent than the presence in my body. So that is an aspect in which I am working on to create or make that into a strength. The presence I give to space seems to help others because some of my classmates ask me for my opinion or help when wanting moving visceral. This also helps with collaborating during class because it allows me to be present in my body while I work with another person. This way I am training my body indirectly to be more present while keeping focus on a task. I feel that this will translate to my body while I perform.

So though I feel that fluid movement and a sense of being present in the space are my strengths, I feel that I can still work harder in making them accented. Meaning that these qualities are the elements that stick out to be strong and firm.

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