To sum up my second year would be extremely difficult because there were some sucky parts but also some gem worthy parts. In writing this reflection I am noticing that the gem worthy parts out weigh the sucky parts. Even though the sucky parts have definitely made me stronger they were hard to get through. If it wasn’t for the support I had around me who knows if I would have made it through this year with the slightest smile.

Since Sophomore year is over I feel free and open to new experiences!! I am ready to live life to the fullest, try new things, and to just get my life in order. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect because of the experiences I’ve had this year and how they effected me. Being someone who has trouble showing their emotional side I feel more in touch with my emotions. I now see that the trials that we as humans go through are to build us up and make us stronger, rather than tearing us down and not getting back up.

Through learning many things during this year, I’ve learned the most in my Contemporary class by Eddie Taketa. He not only opened me up in a new form of dance, but also showed me how to dance from within out. How it is possible to share the pain even though it may be hard at times. Being vulnerable was a challenge but it was one that I was willing to take on because I was tired of the pain. There wasn’t a moment where I felt that I couldn’t move through the pain in his class because of how welcoming it was. There were only good vibes in Eddie’s class and I would love to take it again in the future.

I am most thankful for my class because they are the ones that held me up when I was down, made me laugh when I felt I couldn’t even smile, and always asked if I was alright. The class of 2019 will forever be in my heart and will always bee present with me where ever I go. Their love and compassion has showered over me and opened my eyes to the brighter times to come in life. I am looking forward to those times and how they will be spent with them.

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