Children of Eden

This past summer I had the opportunity to be an assistant stage manager (ASM), deck manager, and on crew for Hathaway Brown Theater Institute (HBTI) at the High School I attended.


While working for HBTI, I learned a lot from the stage manager (SM), Kelly Tomko, who goes to Baldwin Wallace University. Kelly definitely knows how to make a work environment fun even when there are tough times.

Whether it be a cast related issue, technology problem, or just having a  rough day Kelly still greeted the obstacle with a smile. I admired that to the point where it started to rub off on me. I was allowing myself to look at issues as opportunities to grow and learn. As I did this I saw myself enjoying the work I was doing even more than before. I even realized the cast getting more and more comfortable with us as confidants, rather than someone that just tells them what to do. 19989382_1367057746713576_1678604824780188251_n.jpg

T. Paul who was the Production Manager (PM) for the show was the one who hired me. I met T. Paul when I was visiting the High School for a Dance Concert. I saw the elements used in the concert and it inspired me to ask T. Paul if he needed interns for the summer, which he did! Glad I asked because I have made so many connections through the program, which will definitely be useful in the future.

While working with T. Paul I learned a little more about lighting, projections, and scenic elements. We worked with the light board, Qlab, and MadMapper. I’ve never worked with MadMapper before, but it allowed the projections to mold to the cyclorama. As this happened it allowed the images to appear 3D but also flat to the surface. I was amazed at this new application and began asking questions all about it, and soon learned how to use it a bit.

Learning all of this just made me more anxious about returning back to OSU and getting into the Theater. It also made me EXTREMELY excited for the classes I chose for the semester because they are mainly Production based classes. I can’t wait to learn more about the Production field.



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