Artist Statement

Growing up I, never thought that dance would be a career. I thought dance was something done at gatherings, or when having tremendous amount of fun. I was ignorant to what dance was and what it could potentially be. When entering in the ninth grade at Hathaway Brown School, I began to participate in dance as an art credit. During my freshman year while taking Contemporary Dance Technique, I gradually began to realize what dance meant to me. The art of dance was a humbling experience because not only did my eyes open, but so did my thought to what I didn’t know. As I continued in dance, it became my outlet and I began to feel a sense of belonging; a new feeling for me. Dance allowed me to have a voice, where as other activities allowed me to blow off steam. I valued the voice I have started developed in dance because I had a way to tell a story, and that was valuable to me. When I found my voice in dance, I began experimenting with letting the movements control the process, vulnerability, and with being open to many possibilities. As I progressed in dance, I began to notice that dance made me happier and caused me to question and think about things. For example, making decisions became more important to me and how the decisions were made. Dance has helped me to be thoughtful throughout any process but mainly the creative process. When creating a new work, I find pleasure in the process because I love the detail in between, working hard, and getting the work polished. I love the product for a different reason, the product is when you can see how far you have come, and that always excites me because I feel accomplished. The product is more of a reward while the process is the growth that takes place for me. I value both for those different reasons, and now that I am in college I get to delve deeper into the process and product. I am currently taking technique classes, and exploring different ways to move efficiently. In exploring these new styles I am trying to fine my new and developed voice. I also have recently added an independent study with Carrie Cox to my schedule. I will be delving deeper into Production and what it is to me, and how I see myself potentially making it part of my career.