One Love

On April 23, 2016 I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kelsey Kempner, Baylie MacRae, Mason Chapello, and Amanda Colangelo. We all came together to help Kelsey further her vision for the One Love Foundation. One Love is an organization that is working towards ending relationship violence by educating as many people as they can through so many forms. Baylie is formatting the dance film for Kelsey so she can spread the word and share her story with everyone.

This project has helped me to see that dance is so much more than a series of movements, but dance speaks volumes to the hear and soul. I know that I am a person that doesn’t show or share my feelings that often, but I connected so much with this piece. In light of this amazing experience, I also had the chance to create a lighting plot that allowed me to explore my focus.

When asked to light this piece I was nervous because I never lit a dance before. I only messed around during my independent study on the lighting board. So not only was I helping Kelsey, but in turn Kelsey was helping me.