A Reflection

If someone asked me to paraphrase what this year was like, I don’t think I could. So many things happened, so many friendships were made and so many stories that are bound to be told. This year has been one of the most eye opening and fun loving years of my life. I came to … More A Reflection

A Different Breed

In creating my documentary I had a hard time with finding a topic in which I would document. I had many ideas in which I could use, but was not entirely pleased with what I had come up with. This process was something that was very stressful and hard for me, but when I came … More A Different Breed


I did not know what to do with my dance for camera video at first until I realized that I could use anyone in the department. After finding that out I wanted to use my sister and Q because of their different movement vocabulary. I thought that at first I did not have enough video … More ONE

Moving Space

Moving Space Reflection             When I first heard about this project I was excited but nervous because of the amount of time we had as a group to complete the task. After being in the group for about ten minutes each person had a specific job to help in making the project come to life. … More Moving Space