A Site Specific Work

In composition class we were told that one of our studies was going to be a site specific. A site specific is a dance that is made outside of the studio i.e. outside in the grass. When given the assignment I had no idea as to where I was going to create my site specific. It wasn’t until I was walking through the oval and saw this tree. The tree was different from all the trees surrounding it. It looked as it the branches just came right out of the ground leaving there no room for a trunk.

When creating this solo I was unsure of how I would go about dancing in a tree. So before I began creating I made sure the branches were stable and could bare my weight. I didn’t want to get injured in the process of making the solo. So I first just played in the tree by jumping on it, balancing on it, climbing it, and swinging on it.

An interesting thing that I found out was that a tree can represent life, and life has meaning to it.  So in my case dance is life and this is a way in which I found meaning in it.

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