Production: Lighting and Sound

When arriving on campus at The Ohio State University, I was only sure of one thing and that was being a freshman. Yes, I knew coming into the program that I was going to be a dance major, but I didn’t know how it all would play out. I was quite nervous and anxious because I was entering a facility where the only person I knew was my sister. It was also hard because I didn’t have any friends yet and I am a big friend’s person. I love hanging out, having a good time, and laughing until my stomach hurts. When coming here I didn’t know if I’d get any of those things until classes actually started.

One of the first classes I had was Production 5601 with Carolyn Cox and Jessica Cavender. They both taught the class and at first I was just there because I had to be, but then I started to realize that I actually had an interest in the class. When I found this out about myself I didn’t come right out and say it because other people in the class didn’t feel the same. The thought of not be accepted crept over me so I kept quiet for awhile. Then I found the desire for this class growing and becoming larger, which helped me to become comfortable vocalizing my interest. After finding that I actually liked what I was learning I knew that I found my calling and I was hooked. I started an independent study with Carrie Cox and worked with Dave Covey and Oded Huberman to get more out of the class. The independent study just helped affirmed my desire to further and develop the skills that I learned in Production 5601.

As I got to know people in my grade, they started to see that I was becoming serious about Production. Serious to the point where I added Theater as a minor so I could continue on the Production track. When they saw this I was overcome with love and support because it isn’t the usual path a dance major takes. It’s either performance or choreography but I found a different niche. In finding this niche I had the chance to work multiple shows and concerts in the Barnett Theater. I can not wait to see where this focus takes me and who I come in contact with.