One Hour Study

When given the Project and the instructions on how to draft an One Hour Study, I was a little unsure about what I would do and how I would attack the proposal. After a few days passed, I started watching people’s body language and how people communicate. In doing this I saw that hand gestures or mannerisms played a dominate role in how people described things. I began to get really interested in the way the hands and body played a role in how a person expresses how they are, their day is, or what is around them.

In creating my project I made sure that I included generic questions, or questions that are commingle heard i.e. “How has your day been thus far?” and “What is your schedule like?” I also made sure to ask detailed descriptive questions such as, “Describe what is in your room and where it is placed.” This would cause for the interviewee to use their hands and sometimes include their body in how they described something like a room.

I found it to be really interesting because I interviewed four people, who are dancers, and they all responded differently in comparison to the activity level of hand gestures or movement. Some would use a lot of hand gestures, which would then lead to full body movement, but some of the interviewee’s seemed to be aware of their hands and used minimal movement or none at all. This made my hypothesis a little difficult to have a definite answer for. My hypothesis was that, if a person was asked a descriptive question then the person would use hand gestures. I came to see that all people are different and answer questions with different mannerism or gestures. I also think that it is nice to be unsure or wrong every once in awhile, because then it helps one to see that “yes you are learning” and that is comforting for me. Knowing that I am learning something I did not know before helps me to continue to see that I am in the right place. Then again life is all about learning new things and learning new lessons.

OHS Presentation